I have a long history of detailed inspections. Starting with my training in the USAF performing nose-to-tail inspections on many different types of aircraft: Fighters, Bombers, cargo planes, and refuelers and 20 years experience in construction as a carpenter and Quality Assurance Inspector. Ultimately, I decided that inspecting homes is my passion. I am detail oriented and find that when I present my home inspection findings to a new home owner, I have done them a great service that can ensure their safety and peace-of-mind that every homeowner deserves to have.

Home Inspection Reveals the Framework of a House

No matter if you are looking for a fixer-upper, move-in ready or new construction home; there are essential components that make up any structure.


The electrical is part of the mechanical workings of the structure. A home inspector will conduct a careful visual assessment of the visible aspects of a home’s electrical system.


A home inspector is only accountable for the components that can be seen. Most of the home’s plumbing is concealed inside walls. However, what is observable will present clues to the home’s plumbing condition.


A structural inspection takes full account of physical structures that plainly hold a home together. When the structure falls into disrepair, whether to natural disasters, or flawed workmanship, they can often cost big bucks to restore.

My Mission

Provide my client with a detailed, comprehensive, and professional home inspection that is easy to understand. I will do my very best to answer any questions asked, so you feel comfortable and well informed about my findings.